Glava sait Haskovo Kulturno raznoobrazie


The project supports the understanding and acceptance of cultural and artistic diversity within the European cultural heritage. A special focus is placed on ensuring wide public accessibility to cultural content, which on the one hand highlights European identity and on the other hand promotes cultural diversity.

Within the framework of the project, spaces in cultural institutes will be revitalized in order to adapt to modern requirements for organizing exhibitions and holding cultural events. Exhibitions of local artists, including of Romany origin, will be organized in the city's art galleries and a museum collection presenting the similarities and differences in the way of life and clothing of the local population. Expert capacity will be developed in order to promote entrepreneurship in the cultural sphere. The website developed will contribute to expanding the circle of  Bulgarian and foreign users who are interested in cultural and historical heritage. 

The implementation of the project aims to stimulate creative social change and the application of an entrepreneurial approach in the management and access to cultural heritage on the territory of Haskovo Municipality through the revitalization and renovation of exhibition spaces designed to present and promote cultural values to the general public, giving them new life, energy and attractiveness.

Target groups:
• Cultural institutes, non-profit organizations, community centers, art galleries, etc.
• Cultural and educational activists, artists, exhibition curators, theatre actors, writers, cultural and creative entrepreneurs, etc.
• Civil society, including disadvantaged persons, minorities, children, school and university students, persons interested in cultural heritage and willing to deepen bilateral and multilateral relations between representatives of Bulgarian culture and those from Iceland.
• Disseminators of information - media, regional development agencies, regional information centres, other regional associations of cultural and creative industries that inform, shape opinions/attitudes.